Speed up laundry day with our hygienic, clean wash, dry, and fold service!

Experience the best laundry service in Bengaluru with our state-of-the-art American laundry machines. Get your clothes cleaned, sanitized, and made hygienic in just one hour.

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Who Are We?

Laundry Experts Here to Make Your Clothes Happy!

Don’t stress over laundry anymore! The Washing Co. has got you covered with lightning-fast washing and drying services in just one hour. Our top-of-the-line equipment guarantees the most sanitized and hygienic laundry experience. With our American-made washing machines, you can expect nothing less than exceptional quality. WASH, DRY, FOLD, and relax in just one hour with us! Live washing? We’ve got the ultimate show for you – watch your clothes being washed!

Fast Laundry Service: Wash, Dry, and Fold in Just 1 Hour! Watch Your Clothes Being Cleaned Live.

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Wash and Fold

Why do laundry when you can have fabulous, fresh clothes in a snap? We’ve got you covered with top-quality products like Ariel, Dettol, Comfort, and Vanish. Folded and ready for action!

Steam Press

Our steam press service gives your clothes a royal touch – no creases or wrinkles left behind! We pay special detail to collars, cuffs, pleats, and seams to ensure a properly pressed and creased look.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the professional way to give your delicate clothes some love. Silk outfits, we’re looking at you! Our experts inspect every garment for blemishes, damages, or special care instructions. Enjoy your fresh and clean clothes back in your hands within just 2-3 working days!

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Got dirty laundry? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Our affordable laundry services are just a phone call away, and we’re always up for a challenge – even with your fanciest clothes.